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Donut Hole Maker

Donut Hole Maker

Everything good in life comes from holes, if you think about it.

Treasure? Holes. Orgasms? Holes.

It’s a miracle that donut holes are still called donut holes. Spheres are literally the opposite of holesĀ and it’s honestly unfair of us as a society to expect stoners to deal with that.

Donut holes are amazing, though. All the same deliciousness in a dangerously easy to eat format. Once you pop a ball in your mouth, it’s hard not to pop another ball in your mouth- just ask your sister. (JK!)

Good thing this thing only makes 7 donut holes at a time, then. If it made thirty at once, we’d be in serious trouble. It can also make cake pop and comes with 25 bamboo sticks for cake pop purposes, as well as a recipe book for brownie balls and muffin balls and other stuff.

Whatever you’re making gets baked in 5-7 minutes!

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