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We know your online shopping cart is a whole situation and we know we had a lot to do with that, so here’s a chance to win something on the house!

drunkMall Giveaways happen every week and it’s something new – every single week!  Here’s a list of everything we’ve given away so far: Check It Out

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If you represent a brand and would like to see your product in a drunkMall Giveaway, submit it here. Giveaway posts are stickied to the top of the website for a full week. drunkMall does not seek financial compensation for this exposure – we just help you give some stuff away!

This Week: Tyrion Poster!

(Ends on March 28, 2017)

Tyrion Poster

Tyrion Poster

Location Requirements

Unless specified otherwise, all giveaways of physical merchandise are open only to residents of the continental United States, ages 18 or older. If a particular giveaway is open to other countries, we will specify this information in that giveaway’s post on and in the Terms & Conditions of that particular giveaway.

Winner Selection Details

Unless specified otherwise, giveaway winners will be randomly selected on Tuesday nights at approx. 8pm Central Time. Winners will be notified shortly thereafter, using the contact info provided when entering the giveaway. If the prize isn’t claimed within 24 hours, we reserve the right to randomly select another winner for the prize, and so on every subsequent 24 hours until the prize is claimed.


All giveaways operate on an agreement between drunkMall and the manufacturer and/or retailer of giveaway prizes. drunkMall is not responsible for shipment of prizes but we will sever all professional ties with any manufacturers and/or retailers who fail to deliver giveaway prizes to the winner(s).

Sponsoring a Giveaway

Brands who wish to sponsor a drunkMall giveaway with a product, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible with details on the brand and the product. Giveaways are held only once per week and booked well in advance.

If a brand’s product is accepted to sponsor a giveaway, the brand will be required to ship one (1) unit of the featured item to drunkMall, which will be used to verify the product and promote the giveaway on social media. By sponsoring a giveaway the brand also agrees to ship one (1) unit of the featured item to each randomly chosen winner of the drunkMall giveaway. The number of winners (and therefore prize units) will be previously agreed upon between drunkMall and brand representatives.

Both the sample item and prize item are to be shipped at no cost to drunkMall or the giveaway winner(s). Should the sample item fail to be delivered, there will be no giveaway. Should a prize item fail to be delivered to each giveaway winner, drunkMall will sever all professional ties with the brand and issue a public statement announcing said disassociation.