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Celebrity Pet Manual

Celebrity Pet Manual

Choosing a pet is more difficult than ever. Trying to decide what kind of animal fits in to your lifestyle was hard enough before Instagram. Now we’re cursed with the knowledge that selecting the perfect dog, cat, bird or whatever could make us rich beyond our wildest dreams!

Don’t take our word for it. Look into it. It’s a real thing. There are animals out there with more Instagram followers than some A-list celebrities. And when you’ve got that many followers, well, there’s a whole bunch of money to be made there.

So, yeah. How do you exploit an animal for money so you can retire early? That’s the question. If only there were some kind of how-to guide or something. Wait, what? There is? Oh em gee!

Pick up a copy of How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity right here! (We’ll assume much of these tactics can be applied to other species of animal.)

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