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drunkMall About Page

“Go home, Internet, you’re drunk…”

What Is drunkMall?

drunkMall was created by Tyler Mahan Coe of Thee Medea Complex to be your one-stop destination for browsing the best (and weirdest) items available to purchase from the internet. If you’re looking for a funny, strange or cool present for yourself or a friend, we want to be your new favorite website!

We spend all of our time hunting down the most wild things online. Keep up with the search on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook! We’re also on Snapchat as @drunkMall and you should 100% sign up for the weekly email catalog, drunkMail. It’s more fun than all the other bullshit you get in your inbox!

Curious what the news and various celebrities are saying about drunkMall? Check the Press page!

Why Is drunkMall?

drunkMall is first and foremost an entertainment website. However, while the products featured here are meant to provide entertainment, most items are available for purchase. drunkMall does receive commission for the sale of many items listed on this site. Such commissions do not determine an item’s eligibility for inclusion on drunkMall. There are certain standards an item must meet to appear on drunkMall.

If you think you’ve found a product worthy of posting on drunkMall, please send it to [email protected] – especially if you made it! We love helping out startups and anyone who has made something great. We also like being able to offer drunkMall readers exclusive discount coupon codes, so if you can set those up then that’s even better.

Privacy and Affiliate Information

drunkMall uses tracking codes from Google, Facebook, Twitter and affiliate partners to monitor traffic to and from this site, activity while on this site and enhance the user experience on this and other websites. This is common practice but we’re obligated to make the information public. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Not all external links on drunkMall are affiliate links but many of them are. This helps to offset the time and money spent on drunkMall, so we do appreciate your use of those links to make purchases but, again, this is not the primary reason drunkMall exists. We mostly just like making people laugh.

Shopping Addiction and Debt Information

Should you or a loved one be living in debt, please, seek help to avoid compulsive shopping behavior. Many resources exist online, such as Debtors Anonymous.