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The Gangsta Bible

The Gangsta Bible

Aw shizzle, it’s Tha Holy Bibizzle!

Largely considered to be the highest selling book in human history, the Bible has been translated into thousands of languages. Now you can read Genesis, Exodus and Matthew as written in “gangsta” slang.

Pick it up today and get acquainted with the vernacular ahead of time because if we were gonna bet money on something, the odds of this becoming an audiobook narrated by Snoop are real high. Like, higher than Snoop.

If you aren’t familiar with the Bible, these three books contain the stories of Adam & Eve in the “weed garden” of Eden, all of that “God creating the world” stuff, the Tower of Babel plus all that Jesus stuff as told through the perspective of his disciple Matthew.

This is the dopest form of salvation on the market – get some!

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