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Sulu Finger Puppet Fridge Magnet

Sulu Finger Puppet Fridge Magnet

The final frontier of retro television merchandising may finally have been found!

Finger puppets are thing. Fridge magnets are a thing. Wait for it – finger puppet fridge magnets are now a thing, whether anyone asked for it or not!

When it comes to testing groundbreaking product ideas, the best strategy we know of is to somehow tie your new concept in with another concept that’s been proven to be successful. That’s probably how Star Trek entered this picture…

You’ve definitely seen George Takei retweeted or shared onto your timeline if you don’t already follow him yourself because he is one of the most popular people on social media right now. But if that isn’t enough Mr. Takei to keep you satisfied then you can now bring him into your life with a Sulu finger puppet/fridge magnet!

It’s a fully function finger puppet (you put it on your finger, duh) with a little magnet in the back for keeping it on the fridge!

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