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Dickbutt Patch

Dickbutt Patch

Day #1257 of the Meme War and we see no sign of an end in sight!

Stay safe out there, soldiers!

The enemy is relentless. Shitposting platoons are thick. But you must remember your training and look for holes in their flanking strategy. When you spot it, shove your original content in there as hard and fast as you can!

And remember, no matter how dark and scary it gets in the trenches, Dick Butt will always be with you!

Look to Dick Butt. Look to your hero for inspiration when the fight seems like it can’t be won. He will remind you of your inner dankness and lead you through the flood of reposts, stolen content and shitposting to the heavenly and dank fields of Valhalla!

If your government issued combat fatigues came without a Dick Butt patch then here’s one for you…

[There’s always more dankness to be found in drunkMall’s Magical Meme Marketplace!]

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