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Fondue Mug

Fondue Mug

Somehow there are restaurants you can go to that only serve fondue dishes.

Can you believe that?

It’s true.

Also, these restaurants are, without exception, astronomically overpriced. Many of them are so unapologetically expensive that they actually keep their menus posted outside the front door with the prices of every item right there so everyone can see how much money they’ll have to spend if they go inside.

Can you believe this?

It’s all true.

Now ask yourself this. Do you think anyone ever goes to eat at one of these places by themselves? Goes in and pays megabucks to sit there dunking pieces of bread in melted cheese and fruit and marshmallows into melted chocolate with tiny little long forks all by yourself like some kind of serial killer?


Nobody would do that.

The only people who eat in these restaurants are in stupid relationships with stupid people who think spending that kind of money on something is romantic.

We’re not saying the food sucks. It’s delicious. But you can have the exact same experience at home with this fondue mug! It’s got a little candle cave in the bottom to heat up your dipping material. You get two forks in case you do want to share it with another person. And as for romance, well, you can be naked while you eat it. Try that in a restaurant.

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