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Eye Chart Shot Glasses

Eye Chart Shot Glasses

Oh now that’s smart thinking!

It’s safe to say we’re all accustomed to the, eh, physical impairments brought about by indulgence in alcoholic spirits. Drink too much and you’ll be walking a little (or a lot) not so good. And something about doing a few shots or twelve really makes you notice how blurry the world is….

“Beer Goggles” is the medical term for it but we find putting on our “Whiskey Spectacles” to be a much faster route to achieving the same perspective on life.

But some people don’t like seeing things from that angle. So here’s a little tool that may be of some use – an eye chart shot glass!

If you’re having trouble reading the eye chart, then it’s safe to say you should stop drinking unless you want things to keep getting blurrier and blurrier…

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