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Nearly Effortless Decision Maker

Nearly Effortless Decision Maker

Indecision is a bitch.

Much like regret, it’s a pretty useless experience for the average human life. Sure, you can’t make every decision instantly and, obviously, if you do something wrong then being able to recognize that helps you make better decisions moving forward.

But some people have a sick tendency to just dwell on shit. That mistake you made 7 years ago doesn’t require you losing sleep tonight and you really don’t need to spend the next 3 hours of your life deciding whether or not to make that phone call.

In most cases, it may be better to make a decision, any decision, even if it’s the wrong one and then move forward from there to deal with whatever the consequences may be. This gadget is here to help you with those situations.

Spin it, read it, do it.

Tomorrow’s another day.

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