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Split Exposure 35mm Camera

Split Exposure 35mm Camera

Before Photoshop, these trick cameras were the easiest way to put your stupid friend’s face on the body of a koala bear or something.

They still make them and they’re still so much fun!

Basically, it works by splitting the frame – horizontally or vertically – to suit the image you have in mind. Where a normal camera exposes an entire negative to take a photo, this one allows you to split the exposure of a negative into multiple steps. In other words, you’re separately taking each half of a picture…

Set the divider where you want it, take the first part of your image, then set the divider to open up the other half to complete your masterpiece. The example in the photo above is just one way this can be used to hilarious effect.

For instance, you could set the divider vertically and take a photo of you yelling at yourself, literally!

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