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Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil

Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil

Everybody loves monkeys! Probably not enough to want to sit around and smell their farts but that’s okay because this doesn’t smell like actual monkey farts.

Monkey Farts is a fragrance with a very fruity and tropical vibe, some banana and citrus scents mixed together with a bit of bubble gum and vanilla aroma. It’s way, way nice and the company who makes it has a list of 50+ things you can do with it.

We’re not about to post that whole list here but check it out: good smells are important in life. Your house needs to smell good. You need to smell good. If you’re gonna give someone a massage, it’s way better if you make them smell good!

So hook yourself up with a bottle of Monkey Farts fragrance oil, read their list of things you can do with it and make some scents of your life!

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