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Discreet Cat Scratch Pad

Discreet Cat Scratch Pad

You probably think your cat cares about you.

It’s possible.

If a tree fell on you and you died today, it’s possible that at some point in the future your cat be in the middle of napping a day away, stop and think, “wait, wasn’t there a human that I used to allow to pet me sometimes?”

That’s possible.

But here’s one thing that’s 100% for certain: your cat doesn’t give a shit about your stuff.

You’ve got a nice house? Nice furniture? Nice curtains?

Oh, how nice for you. Except I’ve got this claws, you see. And I simply must use them…

Give your cat somewhere to use their claws with this minimalist scratching post!

The design lets it sit flush against a wall – different from your standard post design.

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