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Loud Exhaust Simulator for Bicycles

Loud Exhaust Simulator for Bicycles

Is there a single reason for an adult to own this? Probably not.

But maybe you have to buy a present for a kid.

Or maybe you never had a childhood because you worked your ass off in order to have all this disposable income you’re now trying to decide how to enjoy. Sitting around, drunkenly watching The Sandlot… Thinking about buying a bicycle and taping a baseball card so it ripples in the spokes…

This is the ultimate version of that card-in-the-spokes thing. The TurboSpoke system uses “Motocards” that are designed to make way loud “motor” sounds, which are then amplified even further by the “exhaust” tube attachment. Each unit ships with three Motocards that each make a different sound. These are sold in replacement packs, so ride ’em hard!

Turbospoke fits 95% of bikes but check out the info through the link and make sure it will work for you before ordering.

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