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Salt Shooting Bug Gun

Salt Shooting Bug Gun

Now this is the kind of pest control ingenuity we like to see in America!

Why use a flyswatter to take down pesky houseflies when you can smoke ’em with a handgun?! That’s a question the makers of Bug-A-Salt answered when they created the first generation of this handy little weapon.

Now it’s back!

New and improved, the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 offers more power and greater accuracy using less salt per shot. Oh, did we not mention that? Yeah, this gun uses ordinary table salt for ammunition – super inexpensive!

The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 does not require batteries. Simply load it with salt and you’re ready to snipe some bugs! The ammo chamber holds up to 80 shots worth of salt. Prep a round with the slide-action cocking and a site pops up to help you take exact aim on your prey!

Want it?

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  1. Have one. Love it. Best product I ever bought. Turns flies into “Walkers” as it obliterates their wings. No mess, and easy clean up.

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