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Hepburn Eyes Wall Decal

Hepburn Eyes Wall Decal

Some people obsess over what shade of paint to use in what room of their house to make it perfect or whatever. Other people handle interior decoration a bit… differently.

Instantly transform any room with these decals based off Audrey Hepburn’s legendary gaze! It won’t matter much what color those walls are (unless they’re black) because all anyone’s going to notice when they walk in is these sultry eyes staring across the room.

Of course, this is a drunk shopping website but you’ll definitely want to warn your friends consuming “other” fun things before letting them walk into the room with eyes on the walls. Or don’t. Totally up to you.

We recommend this product for pretty much any room in the home except the bedroom and the bathroom, for obvious reasons. Obviously, wherever you eat breakfast would make the most sense…

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