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Candy G-String

Candy G-String

You know, Grandpa drunkMall used to say there wasn’t anything in this whole wild world sweeter than what a women had underneath her- Uh, actually, let’s forget about Grandpa drunkMall for a minute…

Here’s a special treat you can give to that perverted someone (or someones) with a sweet tooth in your life. You can think of it as candy that you can wear or you can think of it as sexy underwear that you can eat.

Either way, it’s a g-string bikini bottom made out of hard candy!

Useful as a prank or gag gift, sure.

Or, you could fully commit and rock these candy panties out on a date and see what goes down. Get it? “Goes down”? Because if it works then their mouth will be by your…

Oh, hang on, we’ll get Grandpa drunkMall to explain.

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