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Las Vegas Punk Rock Survival Guide

Las Vegas Punk Rock Survival Guide

Las Vegas is everything that’s actually great about America and punk music fits right into that.

Buuut what do punk and bowling have to do with each other?

A lot, apparently. At first, we assumed they were using the word “punk” to refer to rockabilly culture – it’s a common enough mixup – but nope. After looking into it, these people are serious.

There’s an ongoing festival in Las Vegas called Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival and their lineups are actually pretty legit. Flag, Agnostic Front, Buzzcocks, The Dwarves and Strung Out are just a few of the acts playing it this year. (Although Flogging Molly is also playing this year, so we’re 100% not going.)

That’s definitely cool but you can’t go to Vegas and do just one thing. Your options are vast and you’re gonna need some help figuring out what to do.

Good thing we found a survival guide for this exact situation, huh?

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