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Start practicing your “oi” now – the punk shelf of your closet needs some freshening up!

Save all the talk about who or what is and isn’t “punk” because that’s not what this is about. (Seriously? Look at the website you’re on right now. Nobody cares about that genre purity rant you’ve been perfecting since middle school. But if you care so much about the music then you should be aware that this box set is one of the first things we ever posted, we’re one of the reasons you can’t buy it new anymore and we’ve kept posting things to our punk department the whole time.)

This about capitalizing on the look of a scene for fashion purposes!

#1 Make America Punk Again Shirt

Make America Punk Again Shirt

Is punk dead?

It’s a question that’s been asked and answered since the ’80s and, honestly, we don’t care. Because if The Walking Dead and Bruce Springsteen have taught us anything it’s everything that dies someday comes back!

There’s no better year than 2017 for punk to come back alive so get on board with the movement by wearing a Make America Punk Again t-shirt!

#2 Leather Hip Bag with Leg Strap

Leather Hip Bag with Leg Strap

A lot of punk outfits don’t have pockets.

Or, at least, you can’t trust the pockets to not disintegrate into dust while you’re wearing the clothes, losing whatever you had in there. So you see a lot of backpacks being carried around.

There’s a problem with backpacks, though. Standing around in a crowd of people, some of whom are bound to be sketchy, with some stuff you care about strapped to your back, where you can’t keep an eye on it or really feel if someone decides to get into it – that ain’t a great idea.

Better to carry things in a hip bag like this, where you can keep an eye on it.

There’s even a strap to keep it tight on your leg!

#3 Chain Mail Necktie

Chain Mail Necktie

In this economy, even punks have to get jobs.

Dress codes might have loosened up lately and policies regarding tattoos may be more forgiving but there’s just some jobs where you’re expected to wear a tie. None of that means you have to be a total square, however.

These ties are made of chainmail. The sword isn’t included.

#4 Misfits Belt Buckle

Misfits Belt Buckle

The Misfits skull is probably the most famous symbol of “punk” music.

It’s a good logo, for sure. That’s probably why you can find a basic version of it on just about any type of purchasable product that you can possibly imagine.

We like this belt buckle because it’s molded and a bit more detailed than their typical merch.

#5 Leather Bandages

Leather Bandages

There’s always a risk of injury in the mosh pit.

Actually, it’s not so much a risk as it is an eventuality. And what are you gonna do when you catch a scrape, wear a Band-Aid like a little kid?

You could do that.

Or you could take care of yourself while keeping everything coordinated with some leather bandages!

#6 Spiked Sunglasses

Spiked Punk Rock Sunglasses

When in doubt, buy anything with spikes on it.

The more spikes, the better. The bigger the spikes, the better.

These sunglasses are not messing around when it comes to spikes! The only other way we can think of to keep these many spikes close to your face would be to get them installed in your skin!

#7 Fishnet Bodysuit

Fishnet Bodysuit

As you’ve no doubt figured out by now, punk fashion can include pretty much anything you want. Like, just look at how preppy the hardcore kids used to dress.

Basically all you have to do is take whatever you want from some other subculture’s look and add it in to the thing you’re already doing. BDSM has a lot to offer any punk’s wardrobe. Leather and metal and fishnets, oh my!

This fishnet bodysuit comes with a nude inner lining, which is great for people who want to use permanent markers to draw anti-authority slogans on their clothes.

#8 Spiked High Heel Booties

Spiked High Heel Booties

Spikes on spiked heels?

You know you can’t take this look too far!

It’s kind of like someone took a pair of Docs and stripper-fied them up.

Get these in your arsenal now!

#9 Notebook of Walls

Notebook of Walls

Of course, it’s no use putting all this time and effort in to your appearance if you don’t get out in the world to be seen. Hitting local shows is a no-brainer but everyone will be there so it’s hard to stand out and plus it’s usually night and you’ll be wearing mostly black, etc.

Get out there in the day time amongst the normies to create some guerrilla art – in legally designated mural making areas, naturally.

Practice your designs in this special notebook. Instead of regular pieces of paper, every page features a type of wall you may find yourself painting later!

#10 Graffiti Playing Cards

Graffiti Playing Cards

Camping out to get a good spot at a show or just killing time back at the squat where there isn’t any electricity, a good deck of playing cards comes in handy.

These cards look like a normal deck that’s been defaced with spraypaint!

#11 Goldfish Trash Bags

Goldfish Trash Bags

And if you’re really committed to the DIY ethos then feel free to make your own clothing out of some trash bags.

May we recommend these bags with goldfish printed on them?


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