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Giant Ear Phone Case

Giant Ear Phone Case

Can you EAR me now?!?!






Hey guys?

Okay, sorry, damn! You thought it was funny the first thirty times. It’s a phone case shaped like a giant ear, what do you expect? And the best part is that Apple just announced they’re going to make new iPhone SEs that are the same size as the iPhone 5s, so all these old cases like this will be good for new phones again!

What if other products did this? Functional sunglasses that looked like giant eyeballs. A huge prosthetic nose for aromatherapy or something. Some kind of underwear that makes it look like you have a huge- Oh, that exists? Well, see?! It’s clearly a great idea if someone already thought of it!

Grab one of these giant ear phone cases while you still can. Genius products like this don’t just sit on the shelves collecting dust, you know!

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