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The wristwatch is just now hitting its stride because nobody really needs one anymore. When most of us are walking around with smartphones, there isn’t much of a reason to strap a device to our wrist that does nothing but tell the current time…

But a wristwatch has always been more than a simple time-telling device – it’s also a fashion statement!

In order to survive, watch manufacturers have focused on this aspect of their product in recent years, creating some truly innovative designs. We’ve been turning up notable clocks and watches on drunkMall for a while but today we found way more cool watches to show you, so let’s get right to it!

#1 The Doodle Dial

The Doodle Dial

Okay, this watch isn’t called The Doodle Dial – we made that up – but that’s what it looks like, right?

That doodle looking part of the watch face is, in fact, the dial of the watch. The squiggly lines move around the display, pointing at the current hour and minute of the day. The effect is achieved by two clear discs stacked on top of each other but knowing that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch!

#2 The Reveal

The Reveal

The Reveal is a watch that does exactly what it sounds like it would do: the time is revealed by a series of thick silver discs rotating throughout the day.

The current time is fully revealed while the numbers before and after are slightly shown through semi-transparent sections. Small dots indicate a more precise measurement of time. Most of the display’s real estate is a matte silver, giving the watch a mechanical, almost industrial feel.

#3 Faceless Wooden Watch

Faceless Wooden Watch

Even though it will usually like some sort of wooden bracelet worn in place of a watch, whenever you need the time a simple button press illuminates LEDs hidden beneath the wooden surface!

The LEDs are bright enough to shine right through the wood and can easily be read in the daytime. Hour is indicated by a gap in the series of lines around the border of the display and minutes are shown in stylized numbers.

#4 Off Center Watch

Off Center Watch

It looks like someone spun this watch in a circle and the arms flew right off!

Seeming the float around at the edges of the dial, the disembodied arms show accurate time above a brushed steel background. The twelve hour indicators sit at an angle to further accentuate the “spun” effect of this entire piece.


#5 Color Swirl Watch

Color Swirl Watch

The problem with this watch is that it looks so damn cool you might spend all day just looking at it….

By now you’ve probably figured out that most of these watches have an unusual mechanism for displaying time. This one uses pleasing swirls of color in place of a traditional watch face.

It’s almost like a soothing screensaver or something…

#6 Bottle Opener Watch

Bottle Opener Watch

Okay, here’s one for those of you who need your watch to really go above and beyond in performance.

How about a wristwatch that pops bottles?

This one does.

The timepiece design looks a little unusual but that’s just for aesthetics. You actually use the band’s clasp to open bottles with this watch, which is smart, if you think about it…

#7 Slap Band Wristwatch

Slap Band Wristwatch

Remember those slap bracelets from elementary school?

That’s exactly how this watch secures itself to a person’s wrist!

Can you say “one size fits all”? That’s right – no worrying about a watchband that’s too tight or too loose or needs to have a hole punched through it….

Just give it a slap and you’re accessorized and ready to go!

#8 The Eclipse

The Eclipse

Anyone who’s seen a total or annular solar eclipse will understand the inspiration for this watch design. Most of the display is made of a large black disc that seems to have a bright red ring behind it – like an eclipse!

Two minimal dashes indicate the time with no fuss or frills.

#9 Pick-Up Sticks Dial Watch

Pick-Up Sticks Dial Watch

Another watch with interesting dial placement…

Resembling a game of scattered pickup sticks, the three dials extend nearly the full diameter of the display, subtly tapering to a point that designates the time.

#10 Freud’s Mom Watch

Freud's Mom Watch

According to many overpriced analysts, most men are just walking around thinking about their mommies constantly. So you might as well just embrace it and get a watch that reminds you of what you were gonna subconsciously obsess over anyway, right?

That seems to be what the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild wants you to do with this watch. With a traditional dial and watch face, the background features a cartoon likeness of Sigmund Freud with a little “MOM” thought bubble.

Don’t forget to call…

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