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Star Trek USS Enterprise Sushi Set

Star Trek USS Enterprise Sushi Set

Sushi, the final frontier!

This kit has everything you need to enjoy sushi except the food.

“But drunkMall, that’s just a wooden sushi plank with the U.S.S. Enterprise on it.”

Look closer!

Those blue warp beams are really chop sticks! Slide them out of the ship and you’ve got yourself two space blue (BPA free) eating utensils ready for action.

The top of that stainless steelĀ Enterprise is removable, covering a convenient dish for soy sauce. And that’s not all! The entire ship rotates on its base, so you can position your soy sauce dish however you like for maximum convenience!

And, of course, the plate is made of real wood. Whether you’re hosting a fancy/geeky sushi night at home or just looking to blow the minds of your local sushi chefs, this Star Trek sushi kit is light years beyond the competition!

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