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Eggplant USB Drive

Eggplant USB Drive

This has got to be the best way to store one’s private collection of dick pics.

Like, you can put whatever you want on there, obviously. It’s just a USB flash drive, after all. But when you’ve got a flash drive that looks like the eggplant emoji, well, it would almost be disappointing to not use it for transporting pornography.


You’re walking down the sidewalk and you spot something purple on the ground. As you get closer, it becomes clear that it’s a little eggplant emoji trinket. You pick it up and realize that the base of the eggplant pops off to reveal a USB connector. You’re smart enough to know that you should never plug a random drive into a computer that you care about, so you take it to the library or something to check out the contents of the drive.

And it’s just cookie recipes.

Stupid, right?

Exactly. So make everything right in the world by ordering your own eggplant USB drive now and loading it up with appropriate material.

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