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Sex Is Like Pizza poster

Sex Is Like Pizza poster

Every important truth in life can be summed up on a poster, right?

If you asked 100 strangers to pretend they had to give up either sex or pizza for the rest of their lives and to choose which one, it would be hilarious to watch them try to decide. Know why? Because they’re both good even when they’re not that good!

Thanks to modern technology we can actually see which posts on drunkMall are more popular than others. (Don’t freak out. We swear you aren’t interesting enough for us to try and spy on you as individuals.) Probably none of you will be surprised to learn that some of the most visited pages on this website have to do with either sex or pizza. We’re trying to get paid in this game, so we’d be idiots to not combine those themes at every given opportunity for knockout combo! This is one of those opportunities.

So, yeah, want a funny poster? Get this funny poster. It’s funny and people will think it’s funny.

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