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Weird Metal Sex Tools

Weird Metal Sex Tools

Y’all are into some freaky business, you know that?

But we’re not here to judge. We’re here to indulge you in your strangest obsessions. Today, that means bringing attention to these metal tools we found the other day.

Don’t worry – we didn’t steal this stuff during our last trip to the dentist and there isn’t some leatherworker pulling his hair out looking for the tools he needs to finish making a belt.

These are sex toys.

That one that looks like a spur you’d find on the back of a cowboy boot is like a pokey roller thing. The finger spring with a sharp pointer on the end is like a stabby scraper thing.

Apparently, some people like having these instruments ran all over their body, especially after a sound whipping has been administered to the same skin.

Buy it through the link. Send us pictures.

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