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Wu Tang Clan Socks

Wu Tang Clan Socks

You need to diversify your wardrobe and everybody knows the greatest monuments start with a strong foundation…

Socks. We’re talking about socks.

The hype game is centered on sneakers these days but think about that. Say you get new kicks and someone recognizes the greatness and asks for a closer look. You throw your foot up on a chair and lift your pant leg to reveal some white crew socks?

No, son. No.

That is unacceptable.

First law of Hypebeast Algebra is that sock game must be equal to or greater than sneak game. Memorize it. Live it.

These particular Wu-Tang socks are dope because they offer various levels of swagger depending upon how they’re currently being worn.

When worn with shoes, a rolled up pant leg or perhaps some stylish shorts will reveal the iconic W symbol in flag form. Relaxing without shoes and the word “WUTANG” is on the bottom of each sock.

Grab a pair below!

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