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Wonder Woman Gauntlets

Wonder Woman Gauntlets

Bring your inner Wonder Woman out to play with a set of gold colored wrist gauntlets!

We’re stoked about the Wonder Woman movie coming out and actually being great. Of course there’s always going to be some dumb stuff on the Internet every time ladies try to enjoy some geeky fun but forget that noise. The movie rocks and Wonder Woman is a kickass superhero!

Wonder Woman is also a classic costume for any occasion but you’re gonna need a pair of gauntlets to pull it off! (Gauntlets are the things on her wrists and upper arms. You know, like the picture up there? Try to pay attention.)

These gauntlets give you that shiny gold look (complete with red stars) while they’re made of stretchy and comfortable polyester fabric so you won’t be regretting your costume decision all night!

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