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Pottymouth Pencils

Pottymouth Pencils

Take note, bitches!

It’s time to start getting shit done.

Write that shit down, get it out there and wait for everyone to recognize how fucking brilliant you are!

Sorry/not sorry for all the cursing but, if you somehow skipped the photo up there, this post is all about some gloriously foulmouthed pencils we found. If you’ve got a problem with anything we’ve said so far then you might as well fuck off on out of here because it’s not getting any more safe for work in this one, folks!

The pencils are standard HB/No. 2 (just like probably every other pencil you’ve used in your life). You get ten to an order, which is two each of the five different displays of pretty impressive cussing stamped into the whole set, pictured above.

Also, no. We don’t have any idea what “fuck-a-doodle-doo” means either.

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