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SUMMER: Beer Buddies!

Beer Buddies

Please say you have a drawer in your house full of koozies?

At least let us believe that much of the American dream is alive in your home…

You never really need a reason to bust out a good koozie – it’s something you can do any time of year. Still, they always seem to want to come out and party in the summer time. Perhaps ‘cuz you’re partying outside more to enjoy the weather and often on pavement near a pool or something, so you wouldn’t want to drop a glass bottle, etc.

Hey, you don’t have to explain yourselves to us, man!

If you say you need another koozie, then we certainly believe you. Here’s all the best ones we’ve seen recently!


#1 The Duff

The Duff

Starting things off simple with a classic.

Nothing crazy about this design – totally normal. Everyone needs a basic fun one and this holder uses bright colors to resemble a can of Duff Beer from The Simpsons!

A nice bit of fan swag!

#2 The Party Pack

The Party Pack

From here on out, you’ll need to forget everything you think you know about beer drinking accessories. We’re getting into it.

The Stubby Strip is what you see wrapped around the outside of those bottles. Insulating material with velcro to fasten it into a loop around your drinks. Each drink is in its own insulated holder and can be pulled away from the bunch when the Stubby Strip is opened. (See more pictures through the link to see how it works.)

There’s an easy carrying handle!

#3 The Leather Pint Handle

The Leather Pint Handle

We know there are readers out there who take your beer drinking as seriously as whiskey snobs take their single malts – this one’s for you!

Wine drinkers have known for a long time that a human hand holding a drinking glass can affect the flavor of what’s inside by raising its temperature. For some types of alcohol, that’s a good thing but rarely so for beer that’s served cold!

This leather pint sleeve snaps around any standard 16 ounce glass, giving you a strap handle to experience your beer without gripping the glass!

#4 The Red Party Cup

The Red Party Cup

Everyone recognizes the red party cup. It doesn’t even have to have booze in it. Cheap plastic cups are what you drink out of when hanging out with your favorite people in the world.

Now you can drink from a red party cup even if your chosen beverage comes in a can or bottle – without being wasteful. The red party cup drink holder is made of foam and fits all standard 12 oz cans plus most beer bottles!

An instant classic.

#5 The Sneaky Sipper

The Sneaky Sipper

On the other side of the spectrum from the red party cup (the most blatant way to broadcast that you’re, you know, partying) are the people who would rather not be seen as partying, for whatever perfectly fine reason.

That’s where this device comes into play.

It’s called the Trinken. (No clue.)

It’s a special lid that clips to the top of a beer can, holding it tight enough for you to place the “lid” onto a standard paper/plastic cup (from a fast food place or gas station or wherever). Then you’ve got a drinking hole with a secondary air hole, just like a fancy coffee lid, except you’re drinking from a hidden can!

#6 The Wine Bag

The Wine Bag

If you don’t like beer that much then that’s fine, we’ve got something for everyone who likes wine!

It looks like a brown paper bag, like you’re carrying the wine straight from purchasing it at the store, but it’s really (you guessed it) insulated material to keep chilled wines cold!

Obviously, it’s reusable, so don’t forget it’s not a regular paper bag.

#7 The Night Light

The Night Light

Doing a bit of night drinking?

Of course you are.

This is a heavy duty can cooler with an LED light built-in to the base of it. You can set your drink down for a few minutes and then still find it, rather than searching around in the dark!

#8 The 40 Oz. Zip-Up

The 40 Oz. Zip-Up

There’s no beer that needs help staying cold until you can finish it like a beer that comes in a 40 ounce bottle.

Unless you stand there and chug it, which is acceptable, that beer’s going to get warm with nothing between it and your hand except maybe a paper bag.

Where other 40 ounce drink holders have a low cut design, this one zips up the neck of the bottle for extra insulation!

#9 The Shakoolie

The Shakoolie

Ending the day with a showerbeer is amazing.

It’s even more enjoyable when you can be confident that your beer will not be spilled or get soap or shower water in it.

The Shakoolie sticks to the shower wall and holds your beer where you want it!

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