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Bloody Sunglasses

Bloody Sunglasses

You’ll look bloody fabulous in these shades!

With a classic wayfarer frame and a cartoonish bloody print, these are some of the most unique and fun sunglasses around. Wayfarers are back in a big way right now, if you haven’t been paying attention to the current trends. And if you haven’t been paying attention, who could blame you? Trying to keep up with what’s cool these days is enough to make your brain bleed out down the front of your face…

Blood is always in style. Horror movies rake in the dough at theaters for a reason – they’re exciting! From cult slashers to Japanese gorefests to campy meta-genre films and everything in between, it gets the blood pumping.

The see-through lens print does impact visibility a tiny bit on these shades but who cares? You can still see through them in well-lit environments and you don’t even have to really wear them to get those sweet, sweet style points!

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