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My Little Pony Hooded Poncho

My Little Pony Hooded Poncho

It really doesn’t get anymore “I don’t give a shit what you think about me” than wearing a My Little Pony poncho with pink pony head hood on it!

Where would you wear something like this, you ask?

Uh, where wouldn’t you wear something like this?!

Did you not see the ribbon mane down the middle of the pony head hood?

It’s faaaaabulous!

But, okay, you aren’t ready to make the My Little Pony hooded poncho a part of your daily wardrobe. Fine. Perhaps you could wear it to one of those EDM-focused music festivals?

Have you seen what people wear to those basic/normie fests like Bonnaroo and Coachella?

It’s ridiculous.

People are out there dressing like John Mayer in his “I grew a beard so I’m basically pretty sure I’m like the new Neil Young I think bro” phase, which didn’t do his career any favors at all. We’re talking non-ironic ponchos, necklaces that weigh probably 12 pounds and all manner of wrap-type clothing that pretty much looks like cheesecloth that cost $350.

So if they can wear that at the normie fest, then you can for sure wear this out there in the Electric Forest with all the candy kids!

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