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Naked Lady Chef Apron

Naked Lady Chef Apron

Make a bold fashion statement while flipping burgers in the backyard!

This chef’s apron lets the wearer show off their inner sexy belly dancer with an image of, you guessed it, a sexy topless* belly dancer! And you know what they say.¬†Each of us has a sexy belly dancer inside of us waiting to be released.

Tap in to that exotic erotic energy while manning the grill!

Or maybe you’re a huge dude and you just think it would be funny to wear this while you cook. You’re right. That’s hilarious and we’d like to encourage such behavior as much as possible!

*As sometimes happens when we find truly weird items, there aren’t a lot of specific details on this product. The image shows the nipples blurred out but it looks like the black border of the apron is also blurry, leading us to believe the actual product is “uncensored,” showing the nipple. This may or may not be the case. Caveat emptor, etc.

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