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Hang Anywhere Phone Case

Hang Anywhere Phone Case

Are you freakin’ seeing this?!

This is a real thing! It’s a phone case made out of some kind of material Neil DeGrasse Tyson probably knows all about but we’ve never heard of and it sticks to “most smooth, flat surfaces,” even if they’re straight vertical!

Do you realize what this means? That’s exactly right.┬áNudes just leveled the F up, son.

Sure, they’ll tell you how you can use this to keep a recipe at eye-level or Facetime with someone while doing your morning makeup (as if) – but we all know the score, here.

First of all, nobody in their right mind is using a selfie stick to take nudes. Second, lighting is an issue, okay? Until they resurrect Glamour Shots with a focus on keeping the dick game strong, this phone case is how we roll to show off the goods.

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