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Relativity Watch

Relativity Watch

Time is all, like, relative, man.

At least that’s what we’re told. Okay, look, you obviously don’t end up creating a website to enable drunk shoppers if you’re smart at science stuff. So, yeah, none of us really know what relativity is or how to explain it but apparently the design of this watch has something to do with Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity?

There’s a little “e” in there but the rest of the “e = MC²” formula doesn’t seem to be here. Maybe it’s not important? We don’t know!

The watch looks awesome, though. Its background has that optical illusion thing you see in science fiction movies when they’re explaining how warp drives bend the fabric of timespace to enable faster-than-light travel.

So, screw it, you don’t have to understand physics to rock a good looking wristwatch, right?

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