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Snaggletooth Beauty mug

Snaggletooth Beauty mug

It’s a wide, wild world out there, ladies and gentlemen.

Sitting at home, watching TV, it’s easy to forget that 90% of what’s on that screen has nothing to do with real life. Take beauty pageants for example. Sure, there are some people in the world that look that way but not many.

If beauty pageants had to include a representative (or even a random) selection of contestants, those competitive categories would be WAY DIFFERENT! Let’s just say John Waters would be thrilled about it. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to miss the “talent” portion of the show.

What does any of this have to do with the coffee mug this post is supposed to be about? Who knows? You try coming up with shit to say about 25 weird items a week and see how much sense you make after a while.

Maybe someone would want this coffee mug to remind their coworkers that, yeah, they may not look as good as they do on days when they didn’t spend the night before doing shots of Jager at the Moose Lodge – but it could be a lot worse!

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