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Retro Mobile Phone Case

Retro Mobile Phone Case

These kids out here today don’t know the struggle.

When you wanted to look like a TruE pLaYa in the late ’80s and early ’90s, you had to walk around with a mobile phone roughly the size of a human baby. And if you couldn’t afford one of those phones then you had to steal a human baby and sell it for the money to buy a phone! [Editor’s Note: There isn’t a single credible source to suggest this has ever happened.]

Those were the hard times!

But for anyone with a curiosity for what that mobile phone life was like back in the dizzay, there’s this retro phone case. You’ll still be using a smartphone, which, like, isn’t even a little bit authentic to the period but if you pretend you can’t do anything with it but make and receive real, live telephone calls then it’s pretty close to that Zack Morris life!

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