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Real Pong Table

Real Pong Table

This is possibly the coolest item that has ever been posted to this website.

It’s basically a combination of old-school Pong and an air hockey table. If that doesn’t have you ready to buy it already then allow us to continue describing it and see how you feel…

The middle of the table is NOT a display screen. It’s a viewing window to watch the physical moving parts of the game. Yes, you read that correctly. Look more closely at the photo and you’ll see there’s a real depth to the objects in the middle of the table. That’s because they’re real.

Now, we don’t know how it works but spinning the control wheel at your end of the table moves the physical paddle protecting your goal. Successfully deflect the “ball” (that block in the middle) to send it at your opponent and hopefully past their paddle to score a point.

The table keeps its own score, if you need one last thing to convince you that you must own this.

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