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Straw Spoons

Straw Spoons

Life Hack: enjoy milkshakes!

Life Hack Life Hack: use a spoon with a straw built into it!

Runny milkshakes are a scam but a shake can also be way too thick to be enjoyed by whatever puny straw you’ve got at the time…

When you’re at a real shake shack that knows their business, you’ll usually be given a straw and a spoon with your shake order. That’s so you can eat the super thick shake immediately and drink the liquid off as it melts. It’s the only way to enjoy a real shake and now you can do it without switching back and forth between the straw and the spoon!

Straw spoons are also useful for floats and sundaes – really any dessert dish that has frozen or partially frozen components given to becoming a melty good mess.

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