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Coca-Cola Slushie Machine

Coca-Cola Slushie Machine

Hands up if seeing that photo instantly gave you flashbacks to begging your mom to let you have a slushie while waiting in the checkout line at the store. Actually, screw putting your hands up – share this post instead!

You’re all grown up now and you don’t need anyone’s permission to get your Coca-Cola slushie on whenever you want. You also don’t even need to go to the store to satisfy the craving because you can buy a machine for your home!

Things are so much better when you can have them at home because there aren’t any random people around to judge you. Wanna have two coke slushies in a row? There’s nobody there to stop you. Want to pour some cinnamon schnapps in this one? Hey, this isn’t a playground – you do you, buddy!

Watch out for brain freezes!

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