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World Premiere: “Hood Rat Stuff” by The Hot Tub Club

Maybe you didn’t realize this but drunkMall is tuned in to what the kids are doing and what the kids want and what the kids want to be doing.

You know what the kids wanna do?

Hoodrat stuff with their friends!

Just in time for #CybersexMonday, drunkMall is proud to introduce the latest Hot Tub Club single to the world. Benefitting the Hot Tub Club Hood Rat College Tuition Fund for Latarian Milton –  yeah, the 7 year-old kid that stole his gram gram’s SUV because he wanted to do hood rat stuff with his friends – it’s “Hood Rat Stuff” by The Hot Tub Club, featuring Dave Ross, Matt Brown, Coco Hames, Promised Land Sound, members of Diarrhea Planet and members of Twin Forks!

Wow, that’s a lot of fucking people… Maybe that’s how they packed so much PARTY into this anthem!

If you’re ready to get #WhiteGirlWasted and #GiveZeroFucks then #TurnUp right now with #HotTubClub! All about that #HashtagLife, y’all!

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