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Portal Board Game

Portal Board Game

The Portal video games are… difficult… to explain.

But that’s drunkMall’s job, so here we go!

Okay, Portal is a puzzle-type video game. Think, like, Chip’s Challenge.

In the video game, the basic premise that you’re pretty much a lab rat trying to get your hands on a piece of delicious cake and this is accomplished by manipulating impossible physics to solve the puzzle that is the room you’re in. Oh, and there’s an artificial intelligence taunting you the entire time.

On the scale of frustrating recreational activities, it’s way below Myst but still pretty damn annoying.

The Portal board game brings all of these elements out of the screen and onto your table for board gaming fun! It’s needlessly complicated! A lot of the words have far more syllables than is necessary to communicate the point! It’s all about dominating your peers with your superior intelligent and winning cake!

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