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Life Size Gummy Brain

Life Size Gummy Brain

It’s like a delicious zombie apocalypse out here!

You’ll most likely want to make sure you have some help before making at attempt to eat this gummy brain because it is approximately the size of an actual human brain!

According to the 14 seconds we just spent searching it, an average adult brain weighs around 3 pounds. This gummy brain weighs 4 pounds, so it’s actually even heavier than a typical real brain.

You want calories?

How does nearly 5,000 calories sound to you, champ?

The flavor of this brain is fruit punch, which is quite a bit more appealing than “real brain” flavor, trust us. Real brains aren’t bright red but after you take a big bite of this gummy brain then you can chew it up some and get it all mixed together with your spit to show someone and gross them out!

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