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Giant Beetle Paperweight

Giant Beetle Paperweight

Goth kids have to buy each other presents, too, you know.

This is an actual bat – Pipstrellus javanicus, according to the Latin in the shadowbox, but, hey, we don’t speak Latin, so that could say anything in the world and we would have no idea.

The listing also seems confused about whether or not the bat is Dracula. It’s possible that this seller knows one of its bats is Dracula but isn’t sure exactly which one it is. So, hey, if you end up ordering Dracula off the internet when you’re drunk, that is totally not our fault.

The bat comes professionally mounted in a shadowbox, ready to hang and make you seem much cooler than you do right now: ORDER HERE

It has been brought to our attention that many of the bats mounted and sold are obtained through poaching, so drunkMall has removed it from the site. Grab a huge beetle paperweight instead!

For a look at taxidermy gone wrong, check out the CRAP TAXIDERMY book!

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