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Lace ‘n Roses Shorts

Lace n Roses Shorts

Wow, were they trying to design the perfect pair of shorts?

‘Cuz what’s not to love, here.

In fact, some of you are already thinking to yourself, “I bet I could make those” – you really don’t even have to take the time. But if you’ve got a perfectly aged pair of black denim jeans that you can cut ultra short with raw hems and the equipment to give it lace-up eyeholes in the front and whatever you call the lace-up sides they have going on with this… Then, yeah, try to make them.

Don’t forget the embroidered roses!

When you realize these incredible lace-up shorts only cost $38…

It’s like the day just got way better, right?

It’s like at least you get to have one thing that you want to have and assumed would be expensive…

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