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Gold Clock on a Chain shirt

Gold Clock on a Chain shirt

Wearing a full-sized clock on a gold chain around your neck, while undoubtedly dope, is a bit inconvenient, if you’re one of the few people to never have tried it.

Sure, when you’re trying it on at home in front of the mirror, it looks fly as hell and seems like it won’t be no thing to rock it all night. But then you get out in the real world and it all goes south. Standing still is fine but if you try to dance or anything then you’ll have that clock swinging all over the place like a pendulum. Even if you do spend the whole night just standing around, after a few hours the clock will seem way heavier than it did when you first put it on.

All of which is to say, whether you’re going to for a Flavor Flav costume or just a flashy look, you’re better off with a clock printed on a t-shirt than one hanging around your neck!

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