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New Year’s Resolution Mugshot Board

New Year's Resolution Mugshot Board

Every New Year’s Eve Party should have these mugshot boards on hand!

Each set comes with 20 cards (you get 2 of each “serial number” with matching commentary under the resolution space) and the glittery border is NOT real glitter. It’s just an effect printed on the card, so these things won’t be getting glitter all over everyone and everything at the party.

If you’re super popular and/or throwing a huge party, you’ll want to order multiple sets because the cards aren’t reusable. So grab a permanent marker, think long and hard about what you want to change in 2017 and get ready to make that commitment official!

Note that the height chart background is not included. You’ll want to order one of those separately if you feel like setting up an actual photobooth area at the party. Otherwise, just hold up the signs and smile big for the camera!

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