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Adult Fairy Tale Coloring Book

Adult Fairy Tale Coloring Book

Grandma, what large breasts you have!

Yeah, you’ve probably heard that coloring books for adults is the new thing but did you know that adult coloring books for adults is also the new thing?

They get a lot more graphic than this one (The Fetish Coloring BookTitillating Coloring BookAdult Coloring Book…) but this is the only one we’ve seen that combines sexiness with classic fairy tales.

And before anyone starts freaking out like some perverts are getting Rule 34 all over some children’s books or something, y’all need to get an education on The Brothers Grimm. There isn’t anything “childlike” about those original stories and they’re honestly pretty messed up if you go back and read them.

So, to recap, yeah this book is a little sexy but no it isn’t porn.

The illustrations in the book are printed on only one side of the paper, so coloring doesn’t interfere with an image on the other side of the sheet.

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