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Galactic Lollipops

Galactic Lollipops


Ever wanted to pop a whole galaxy in your mouth before?

Probably not, unless you attended that screening of Men in Black on the second day of Burning Man while tripping your ass off on some stuff that doesn’t even have a name yet…

Still, here’s your chance to pop a whole galaxy in your mouth.

These lollipops are somehow made to have a stunning image of galaxies inside of them. We have zero idea of how they do it but they really do look amazing.

The flavors rule, too.

Mango, guava, strawberry, kiwi…

The suckers come 10 to an order, packaged in a cool box with each lollipop individually wrapped. Also, this candy is actually made to order, so be ready to enjoy a deliciously fresh sucker unlike all the pre-made, months-old candies you’ve had in your life.

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