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iMac Travel Case

iMac Travel Case

Traveling with an iMac just got about a thousand times easier.

The iMac is a wonderfully designed computer, as far as saving space and aesthetics go. Housing the circuitry and storage behind the display to pack everything into one unit is genius and it looks great.


Moving an iMac is a pain in the ass. There’s no good place to grab it. The weight is perfectly distributed for hanging out on the included stand. But as soon as you pick up the whole thing it becomes apparent that it wasn’t designed with travel in mind.

That’s fine because this case was designed with iMac travel in mind.

This case was probably designed with DJs in mind because it’s built like the flight cases used for guitar amps and other professional audio gear regularly taken on tour.

Pack your iMac away in this case and rest easy that it’s safe on the road!

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