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Dog Poop Bag Communicator

Dog Poop Bag Communicator

Beam up the dog poop, Scotty.


Come on, Scotty – beam up the dog poop!

Scotty never beams up the dog poop, does he?

Oh, if life could only be that simple. But no, this isn’t a beloved science fiction television series with teleportation technology. This is the real world and in the real world you have to pick up after your own dog when it takes a dump.

At least you can take a cool Star Trek tool with you on your mission!

This dog poop bag dispenser is designed to look like one of the handheld communicator units from Star Trek!

There’s a plastic clip to easily attach it to your leach and the zipper pull is a rubber dangle with TO BOLDLY GO… printed on one side and the Star Trek logo on the other.

Bonus: you can pretend like you’re talking to someone if you need to pretend to be insane to avoid conversation with a stranger!

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